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BASS began as the service division of a respected area mechanical contractor. While the installation and service of conventional temperature controls had always been integral to our service business, the energy crisis of the late 70's spawned the energy management industry which created the need for more sophisticated control systems. As our customers looked to us for innovative solutions to improve their comfort and reduce ever rising energy bills, BASS responded by acquiring the technology, personnel and expertise necessary to meet their changing needs. During this process we recognized that controls represented an opportunity to increase the diversity of our mechanical service business and further differentiate our full service capabilities from those of our competition.


1984:  After carefully researching the building automation technologies that were available to us in the marketplace,

            we selected the American Auto-Matrix AI2100 system  as our first automation product offering.


1987:  As our sales volume and support requirements grew, the controls group was broken out of the service department to operate                       as a separate division within the parent company, BASS became a totally separate temperature controls company.


1989:  BASS became a licensed electrical contractor in order to improve quality control for our installations and to provide

            a single source solution for our customers further differentiating us from our competition.


1994:  The Auto-Flow Associates division was added to our company to specialize in the laboratory and fume hood control business.


1997:  Johnson Controls, Inc. named BASS an Authorized Building Controls Specialist (ABCS) providing access to the complete line of

            Johnson Controls products including the Metasys Facility Management System, pneumatic control and fire and security                                   product families.


2002:  BASS begins delivering browser based graphical user interface systems with American Auto-Matrix's Auto-Pilot Product. These                       early systems paved the way for Automation living on facilities' networks providing ease of use and access without the need for                     proprietary software. Some notable installations include Fraser, Clarkston, and Novi school districts.


2005:  American Auto-Matrix and Johnson Controls adopted Tridium technology as one of their building level controller offerings. 

            Our technical service personnel have become trained for supporting Tridium products not only from Tridium (Vykon) but from                     both AAM (Integra) and JCI (Facility Explorer)as well as other OEM sources.



Today, BASS has grown to over 25 employees dedicated to designing, installing, maintaining and servicing control systems of all types and sizes and we are proud to say our management, engineering and most of our technical personnel have been with the company since its beginning. We remain dedicated to providing our customers the very finest state-of-the-art facility management systems and developing long lasting relationships through quality installation and support services.

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