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The BASS Systems Group can function on a project-by-project basis in a variety of different roles, dependent upon the specific needs of each client, project and business partner. Whatever the need, BASS is there to provide you with the high levels of service and commitment you have come to expect...



Systems Design & Configuration:

BASS sales and application engineers will examine and evaluate your total system needs so that the most ideal design configuration, the one that will meet all of the immediate and long-term requirements, can be identified early in the design process. These discussions will also examine any new and emerging technologies for possible incorporation into the system design, including issues relating to first and long-term costs and recommendations on sequences of operation, integration with other intelligent control components and systems, host system integration and evaluation of possible control pre-integration opportunities.





























AutoCAD / Microsoft Visio Project Drawings:

Using up-to-date computer and software drawing tools, BASS will provide a complete package of engineering submittal, shop and as-built project drawings fully documenting your project for future reference and ease of support.


Project Management:

Each of our projects is assigned a team of application, engineering, installation and technical personnel forming a cohesive unit dedicated to achieving the goals and objectives of a the project. Pre-plan and kickoff meetings are held so that all are familiar with the roles they will execute during the course of a given project. We work closely with the owner/construction manager/engineer from project inception so that our work is coordinated with the other labor trades on the job and the project schedules are met.



Engineered Turnkey Packages:

BASS will provide completely engineered control packages, tailored to specific performance requirements, for a wide variety of applications. These packages include the required mechanical equipment, components and services, controllers, sensors, actuators and valves required for a complete installation package. This complete single source engineered package approach eliminates the effort and guess work involved in matching and selecting components for a given application. BASS system packages are engineered for maximum compatibility, performance and maintainability yet are highly cost effective.

Control Systems We Provide:


  • Direct Digital Control

  • Temperature Control

  • Building Automation

  • Energy Management

  • Humidity Control

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Industrial Ventilation

  • Gas Detection & Monitoring

  • Energy Usage Monitoring

  • Variable Speed Pumping

  • Pneumatic Retrofit

  • Power Quality / Surge Protection

  • Systems Integration

  • Access Control

  • Lighting Control & Retrofit

  • Variable Frequency Drives

  • Laboratory/Fume Hood Control

  • Wireless Sensors / Controls

  • Remote Wireless Networking Solutions

  • HVAC / Refrigeration

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